Shiftcare is the ultimate scheduling
solution for your staffs & clients.

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Easy Shift Scheduling

Create and edit rosters, check staff availability, manage recurring shifts & send notifications in seconds.

Fast staff & clients scheduling

Automated shift notifications

Match staff to client, advertise vacant shifts

Easy leave management

Client Management System

Create detailed client profiles to ensure excellent service and give your staff handy tool to stay informed.

Upload care plans and stay informed when they expire

Share important messages with clients or their primary carers

Manage funds and track budgets

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Document management

Stay compliant all the time with our smart document management system. Never miss a deadline and always stay on top of things.

Get alerts & reminders

Endless cloud storage

Stay compliant all the time

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NDIS Billing & Invoicing

Export billing data in the format required for NDIS claims and export billing to 3rd party.

Expense & kilometre submissions

Track budgets with dynamic reports

Export invoices straight to Xero or MYOB

Timesheets & Attendance

Track employee hours and easily create invoices based on total hours delivered, travel and other expenses.

Export timesheets to payroll e.g. XERO or MYOB easily

Avoid time theft by enabling GPS based clock-in & clock-out

Instant Evidence Sharing

Fast and easy upload of shift progress notes incl. image sharing

App based access

Instant image sharing

Customize progress notes to capture relevant information

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Task management

Tasking made easy to help you be more productive, track your work and get things done.

Customisation to fit any user

Customize complex checklist per shift without effort