ShiftCare Works Like This

A Day in the Life of Shelley
Roster Manager for Kindred Services


8:00 am The ShiftCare Dashboard shows in an instant the shifts scheduled for today. With colour-coded cells, Shelley can see at a glance that she has  30 shifts Confirmed, 12 Pending and 3 Cancellations.

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Schedule Shifts

8:05 am Mrs Cooper wants to change her weekly visits from Tuesdays to Wednesdays. With ShiftCare Programs it’s so easy to change the dates for every weekly shift in the future. One click and it’s done.

8:15 am Get an email from the CEO requesting a forecast of services scheduled for the next 4 weeks.

feature - Alert & Notifications

9:30 am Email and SMS Notifications are sent to staff caring for Mrs Cooper, letting them know about the change to Wednesday.

9:45 am Five new staff starting next week, should make things run a lot smoother. Shelley uses Add Staff to set up 5 new employees with mobile, email, date of birth, address and a backup phone number.

alert & Notification
Calender & Event

11:00am Finance Manager calls to ask for the monthly billing report

11:55 am General Manager Rob calls to tell Shelley about 12 new clients he has secured through a new partnership. Shelley asks Rob to login to ShiftCare and enter the Client Details so she can schedule the services.

Calender & Event
Calender & Event

12:25 pm Rob is not very technical but he logs in to ShiftCare and finds that it’s actually very easy to add details for New Clients, create a New Area and Allocate Funds to their account.

1:15 pm Shelley is back into ShiftCare to check the roster schedule and sees that she has a Double Booking. Changing the date on Mrs Cooper’s booking has doubled up shifts for Sarah. The Client Record includes a note with a special request from Mrs Cooper for Sarah, so Shelley goes into Sarah’s other shift and re-allocates that to Damien.

alert & Notification
Calender & Event

3:15 pm With changes to the roster complete, Shelley runs the Scheduling Report for the next month and sends it to the CEO.

3:30 pm Shelley uses ShiftCare Invoicing to start the billing cycle for the previous month, sends a note to the CFO.

3:35pm Time for a cup of tea.


14-day Free Trial

14-day Free Trial

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