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Features You Will Love

Document / Content Management & Reporting

Program Management & Scheduling

Set up and manage recurring shifts using daily, weekly, weekend or monthly cycles

Timesheets & Invoicing

Timesheets & Invoicing

Easily create invoices based on total hours delivered, applicable rates, travel and other expenses

Shift Management & Calendaring

Shift Management & Calendaring

Colour-coded shift status, check staff availability in seconds,

Client Care & Incident Management

NDIS Ready

Export billing data in the format required for NDIS claims

What We Offer
Skill Matrix Tracking

Client Record Management

Mission-critical information for staff, including care plans, case notes and incident history

Mobile Friendly

Smart Attendance

Start/stop shift timer, on-site geo-coding and distance travelled options available

What We Offer

Key Benefits

Super easy scheduling

Super easy scheduling

1-step rostering for ongoing shifts and repeat programs

Order out of chaos

Order out of chaos

Takes the complexity out of managing care plans, staff and billing across clients with different requirements

Cancer Center

Faster payments

NDIS-ready means less time to submit claims and faster payments

Dental Clinic

Eliminate errors

Eliminate duplication, discrepancies and lost revenue by connecting data between patients, shifts, staff, time sheets and billing

Dental Clinic

Happy Staff

Improve communication between staff and management through automated notifications when a shift is confirmed, changed or cancelled

Dental Clinic

Seriously happy Rostering Managers

Less time, less stress managing rosters, staff and clients

Loved by Health Care Providers

Home Care Services

ShiftCare has several advantages that make it highly suitable for Australian Home Care Service providers.

Community Care

Community Care workers love the integration with Google Maps and Google Calendars.

Disability Services

ShiftCare is NDIS-ready, providing claims data in the format required by Myplace Portal

Aged Care

Aged Care providers love the 1-step process for programmed shifts.

Workflows that save you Time & Money

ShiftCare is 100% committed to creating tools and solutions that improve the way you operate.

  • Shift Management Software Simple To Use
  • Shift Management Software Simple To Use
  • Shift Management Software Simple To Use
  • Shift Management Software Simple To Use
  • Shift Management Software Simple To Use
  • Shift Management Software Simple To Use
  • Shift Management Software Simple To Use
  • Shift Management Software Simple To Use


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Suitable for support coordinators



  • 1 Staff Access
  • Manage rosters
  • Manage your clients as well as upload plans & agreements
  • Client budget & fund tracking
  • Send email/sms to staff or clients
  • Access to online help & email support


Perfect for streamlining rosters



  • All Startup Features
  • Manage your staff, leave, double bookings & compliance
  • Mobile app to check rosters, add progress notes & incident information
  • Allow your staff to record their expenses & mileage
  • Group your staff into teams
  • Access client billing data and staff timesheets



Perfect for NDIS providers



  • All Basic Features
  • GPS based clockin & timesheet approvals
  • Notify staff about shift vacancies through Job Board
  • Generate invoices & submit into NDIS for faster bulk claims
  • Allow staff to create their own shifts
  • Manage policies & procedures, incident forms & documentation
  • Access to all reporting


Perfect for accomodation & group programs



  • All Pro Features
  • Book multiple clients/staff in single shift/service
  • Manage accomodation/group-home services
  • Generate quotes for your clients
  • Award Interpertation
  • Setup automatic actions with workflows

7-day Free Trial

7-day Free Trial

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