About Shiftcare

ShiftCare is the best way to get a great functionality out of the box with lots of options for customization.

Our Vision

Our goal at ShiftCare is to create software that employees love to use and managers can’t live without because we help make their services run ever so smoothly. We want to empower you to provide a positive experience for all of your clients.
We want ShiftCare to be used by operations managers, staff, finance and executives but we know that they will only use a product that gives them the functionality and information they need, when they need it.

Our Story

ShiftCare was born from a need to do things better. To find a better way to bring carers to clients at the right time, the right place with the right information to provide the highest quality of care.

Which sounds very simple but when the pieces start moving, great software comes into its own. Like when a member of staff calls in sick and you need to find a replacement, fast! Or when a client changes their requirements and you need to adapt your level of service on the fly. Or when it’s late on a Friday afternoon and the Roster Manager needs to fill gaps for clients over the weekend. ShiftCare enables managers to handle these changes easily.

While we are focused on working with service providers in aged care, disability, at-home, special needs, leaving school, family facilitation and mental health, ShiftCare also works very well for restaurants, bars, retailers, charities and other businesses with high levels of variability in staff and working hours.

ShiftCare is growing. Every month we are adding more clients to the roster and as we do, we are bringing more people onto the team. If you would like to work with ShiftCare as a client, as a partner or as part of our team, please get in touch.