ShiftCare Feature Release for June 2016

ShiftCare, June 24, 2016

New features that further improve service delivery, operations management and client billing processes for our users and clients.

  • Shift Management
  • Staff Scheduling
  • Client Record Management
  • Invoicing
  • Client Funds Management

Shift Management: Absent Client

Tag client as being absent

The “Absent” feature can be used when a client (participant, consumer) makes a late cancellation or no-show but should be billed for the booking. When Absent is used before a shift, staffing ratios will be recalculated to adjust for the client/s who will no longer be in attendance. This feature will be handy for Disability Care Providers as it allows extra staff from a program to be rostered to other shifts.

Staff Scheduling: Leave days


Leave scheduling has been extended to allow partial days (hours) to be blocked out for a staff member (care worker). Partial-day leave can be set as a one-off event or as recurring leave. Partial leave is an extension of the previous functionality enabling staff leave to be blocked out in full days.

Client Record Management: Multiple contacts

Additional contacts for any client

ShiftCare CRM functionality has been extended to allow multiple contacts for a client (participant, consumer). This feature allows key contacts such as a doctor, psychologist or specialist nurse, in addition to the primary contact, to be attached to a client record. ShiftCare Invoicing allows multiple contacts to be billed as needed.

Invoicing: Void invoice & Xero integration

Void an invoice

Invoices and payments may now be voided. This maintains a record of the invoice but negates the value. For customers using the ShiftCare-Xero Connector, invoice status can now be set to “DRAFT” for the push to Xero.

Client Funds Management

Funds management for NDIS clients
Client funds allocation

Total funds allocated to a client record may not be edited after funds have been used; this applies to all or partial use of funds. This feature has been added as a means to maintain an accurate record of client funds management.

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ShiftCare Product Release 29 June 2016
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