ShiftCare Connect – Register Your Interest

Interested in being part of the first wave on the ShiftCare Connect platform?

ShiftCare Connect allows your client’s access to ShiftCare so they can check their scheduled services and manage their details.

Giving your clients access to ShiftCare Connect will reduce the admin time involved in managing clients day-to-day information.


Read only access or full management is available to your clients enabling them to:
  •  keep details up-to-date
  •  request new services
  •  make changes to existing bookings or keep access read only


Give access to providers or clients so they can see and manage services directly without having to call on you for every change.
  •  use ShiftCare Connect as an addition to your services
  •  save time allowing users to make changes to existing bookings or keep access read only
  •  free your rostering team

Register your interest today to join ShiftCare Connect and empower your clients.

14-day Free Trial

14-day Free Trial

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