Introducing all new ShiftCare features for better scheduling & rostering

Londi, September 21, 2018

The newly released ShiftCare features will enable you to have better accessibility, specific segmentation and be more organised than ever before. This will allow you to support your clients’ needs and manage your staffs’ time ensuring easier and smoother usage.

Introducing Shift Types

A smart and efficient way to organise shifts. With standard, sleepover, and excursion included as types. This allows you to categorise what types of shift an employee has and differentiation with regards to payments from standard shifts.

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An Easier Way to Access Help

Our new ‘help’ button is your one-click-access to everything from FAQ’s, to the knowledge base and contacting our support team. You can search topics and can view the documentation in full screen as well. Enabling you to have instant access to all the things that you need to know from our system.

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Usability Enhancements

Filter Clients

You can now easily filter participants by age; Adults ages 18 and above while Children are below 18. This feature allows you to easily view ‘children’, ‘adults’ or all list of clients by ticking a box in the ‘show only’ option.

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Leave Management Improvements

All ‘leave requests’ now have a ‘leave history’ feature, including who made the requests, the reason for leave, and the date and time. All this is accessible under the ‘leave tab’. The leave history will be included as a timeline format.

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Connect Segment

We all know that each of your clients has specific requirements and different staff are equipped to meet their needs and exceed them. Our new staff segmentation caters to the preference of your clients to their preferred staff teams – connecting customers to their favourite staff.

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Performance Optimisation

Last but not the least, we have introduced some major performance optimisations to the ShiftCare Platform. Our engineering team has been working over the last couple of months to reduce performance bottlenecks and improve page response times. We have released the first phase of those fixes this week. For example; ‘shift edit’ should now be significantly faster.

There are optimizations in the pipeline, so stay tuned!

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ShiftCare App feature release update
Feature Updates From ShiftCare

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