Workforce management software designed for Residential, Community and Home Care Services


ShiftCare software provides essential functionality to manage rosters, notify staff, run timesheets and produce billing reports.

ShiftCare is accessible to everyone in your organisation, anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Coordinators love ShiftCare’s Dashboard and Traffic Light System enabling them to quickly identify shifts that require immediate attention, saving hours every day.

Nurses and care workers love the integration with Google Maps and Calendars, making it easy to get to the right place at the right time.

IT Managers like it because there are no installation costs, no hardware costs and no maintenance.

CEOs love it because it improves productivity and saves money!!

ShiftCare has functionality uniquely tailored to health service providers:

  • Client Record Management (CRM)
  • Multiple contacts per client e.g speech therapist, dietician, physiotherapist
  • Role-based permissions for Admin, Financial, HR and Staff
  • Communication history between care workers and coordinators
  • Care ratios applied to clients and shifts
  • Track expenses and calculate distances travelled between shift locations
  • Email and SMS notifications to staff
  • Integration with Google Maps and Google Calendars
  • Store and share documents, files and Progress Notes
  • NDIS claims support

ShiftCare Dashboard

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