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Customise care notes

Bring your template to record & track shift progress notes. Modify template anytime without loosing history. Share notes with family or anyone outside your team.

It has never been easier to track progress

Track client goals

Setup your client goals & strategies to achieve them. Strategies allow you to break goals into achievable steps. Share progress report of strategy & goal with clients.

Monitor progress with simple 5-star rating system, which carers can easily submit with each visit.

Upload care plans

Ensure care plans are read & understood by carers before commencing service by uploading them to ShiftCare If plan gets updated, simply upload latest verion & we will ensure latest version is shared with care team.

Upload agreements & setup expiry dates to automatically send renewal reminders.

Share policies & forms

Use Document Hub to give staff easy access to your teams regarding company policies or forms, for example, incident form.

Staff can access shared documents anywhere, anytime.

Access from anywhere

Improve quality of care by providing frontline staff with tools & information they require to complete their tasks.

Available as a native app from iOS Appstore or Google Playstore. Your staff has information on their fingertips with real-time access.

360° view for Client Profile

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