The Latest Feature Release From ShiftCare

Ian Deshays


What’s new:

Improved kiosk mode for accommodation management

  • This new user type is designed for staff areas or front desks of accommodation. It allows all registered staff to see client attendance information for the location and see which of their colleagues will be working on the shift. If you think this could be useful for your organisation ask our team for more details.

Incident filtering

  • The incident logging feature has proved highly popular, to help access the information quickly and easily you can now filter through the incidents by staff or client.

Coordinators can approve timesheets and leave

  • Organisations all have a different workflow and many different roles, in order to make ShiftCare even more flexible coordinator users are now able to approve time off and timesheets.


  • For everyone working with the NDIA preparing quotes for the NDIS is part of the day to day workload. In this round of updates.

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For more information please reference the ShiftCare knowledge base or request a demo.