Did You Know – Template Documents in ShiftCare

Ian Deshays

Did you know?

It is likely your organisation has a set of key documents which everyone needs access to for use during their day-to-day operations. ShiftCare provides a centralised repository for these business critical documents.

Managing template documents in ShiftCare is very straightforward and your team will find them quickly. ShiftCare is the natural place for staff to go back to access these documents as all of the details of the shift will be available to them in their app.

As an example, take incident reporting, where it’s essential all of the relevant details are captured, it’s vital staff have quick and easy access to the template which will guide them through the information needed. Downloading the document from ShiftCare will be advantageous as the shift and client details will be readily available to them as they complete the template.

Make ShiftCare your go to location of business critical documents for staff to access with their app whilst they’re out in the field servicing your clients. The template management interface is really straightforward and super easy for your staff to use.

Learn how to add templates here »

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